As you ascend the magical staircase at Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa (nestled in the vibrant heart of Cape Town), you will be greeted by the hidden gem that is the Cloud 9 Mountain Club Bistro. This isn’t just any rooftop restaurant—it’s a dreamy rooftop sanctuary where the cityscape meets the stars, offering a unique rooftop dining experience that’s truly out of this world. Ideal for cocktail functions, corporate events, and social gatherings, or simply unwinding after a long day, this venue marries the enchantment of night skies with the culinary delights of our expert chefs. Welcome to the finest rooftop dining experience in Cape Town!

Stunning 360-degree views

The Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa rooftop bar offers stunning 360-degree views of Cape Town and Table Mountain. This double-level rooftop gem with a plunge pool provides a unique rooftop restaurant dining experience, enhancing your visit with an open-air ambience and breathtaking scenery. It’s a perfect spot to relax, enjoy a cocktail, and take in the beauty of the city and iconic mountain.

Exquisite cuisine and cocktails

The rooftop bar in Cape Town at Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa is not just about the views—it’s also a gastronomic delight. Whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast, grabbing a bite of sushi for lunch, or winding down with evening cocktails, the culinary offerings are sure to impress.

Unmatched ambience and comfort

The Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa rooftop restaurant offers an unmatched ambience with its casual setting and open-air atmosphere. With a plunge pool for visitors and a well-ventilated bar, guests can enjoy a refreshing dip while savouring their drinks or meals. The comfortable and relaxed environment, coupled with the stunning views and delicious cuisine, makes this rooftop bar a favourite destination for both locals and tourists alike.

Experience the breathtaking views, savour delectable cuisine, and immerse yourself in the unmatched ambience at Cloud 9 Boutique Hotel & Spa’s rooftop bar Cape Town. Book your table today!