Hotel Cloud 9 has taken a step towards a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Solar Power

Cloud9 Hotel relies upon solar power to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact. In doing so, the hotel is  almost self-sufficient in terms of electrical supply. Cloud9 Hotel is largely unaffected by localised blackouts.

Renewable Energy

Saving Water

The hotel avoids depending on scarce municipal water supplies by drawing water directly from the aquifer at 100m depth. By sourcing and extensively filtering the water this way, the hotel operates independently of any water shortages.

Energy Conservation

To conserve energy, we use LED low-watt lighting and movement sensors for lights in relevant areas. We also use low-energy devices throughout the hotel and rooms.

Living Green Walls

To improve air quality, health and well-being, the hotel reception/lobby has living green walls and plants inside and outside the grounds.

Recycling Program

Cloud9 Hotel has partnered with Clearer Conscience to implement an extensive recycling program that benefits people as well as the environment. Food waste collected by Clearer Conscience is composted and used to provide nutrients to the food gardens that feed up to 2,000 residents of the Strandfontein community.