Roof-top dining offers a wonderful chance for guests to take in the view as they savour your culinary offerings. This setting is also ideal for hosting special events, which has led to its popularity among various businesses, like hotels in Cape Town. The difficulty lies in standing out from the competition, as you’ll be vying with other establishments to draw in more patrons and fresh clientele. To help with this challenge, here’s a guide to enhance the appeal of your restaurant, particularly during the rooftop dining season.


Ensure easy access



Firstly, determine how your guests can get up there. Staircases may not suit everyone, particularly those who have disabilities or problems with mobility. Moreover, the way to the rooftop might be concealed and not immediately visible, so providing clear instructions on how to get there is essential. Here’s a helpful suggestion: create simple and engaging signs that guide guests to either the elevator or staircase.


Be prepared for any weather.



One of the challenges of dining in rooftop restaurants is the weather, which you’ll have no control over. That said, planning and being prepared can prevent guests from being uncomfortable. Consider the time of the year and season. If it’s rainy, avoid booking or accepting reservations on the rooftop unless you have awnings with reliable seating options.


Create a good floor plan.



The rooftop is a great blank canvas for any restaurant layout, but make sure it suits the theme of an event or your desired ambience. Additionally, invest in good patio or outdoor furniture that will stay durable during any season.


Make it fun and inviting.



Roof-top dining can be more fun with a plunge pool and a bar that offers spectacular vistas of the city and the horizon. Serve mouth-watering food and innovative cocktails along with the classics while keeping everything casual and inviting for everyone.


Get inspired by us!



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